JYBA Strategic Plan
The Board of the Jackson Youth Basketball Association recently completed its comprehensive strategic plan.  It was the culmination of a several month process that began in the early summer. 

Walt Stanislawski, President of the JYBA, said, "We as a Board felt most of the original goals of the JYBA had been met through the diligent efforts of previous leadership.  Although we continued to improve upon what was established, it felt like we were making incremental gains instead of transformational ones.  We decided that it was the right time to take a step back and ask 'What should we become?'. 

Coach Debevec helped lead the charge and during our discussions, we came up with some interesting ideas that will ultimately help develop these young men into not only better basketball players but also better students, leaders and positive members of the community.  We are excited to implement these strategies over the coming years. 

We also believe it is important to be transparent with the community that has embraced and supported our efforts over the years so we've published a summary of our strategic plan on the website.  From it, people can see where our priorities lie and how the initiatives we undertake interrelate and complement each other. 

If someone finds an area or initiative that appeals to them and they'd like to get involved, contact us, we'd love to have the help! "

View the plan below, or download the entire plan as a PDF.

Recreation / In-House & Travel Youth:

Develop programs and initiatives that are heavy on fundamental athletic basketball skills (e.g., ball handling, shooting, off ball movement, man defensive techniques, help defense, pressing and press breaking, proper footwork and rebounding, etc.). Additionally, introduce and advance concepts on developing the mental aspects of good basketball players (e.g., shot selection, knowing game situations, mental toughness, being a team first player, overcoming adversity, perseverance, the importance of attitude and effort, etc.). Use the in-house leagues to foster the student as well as the athlete in a fun, engaging environment. Use the travel teams to build depth in each of these areas and also introduce offensive and defensive philosophies used in the school program.

Middle / High School Program:

Use the JYBA resources to support the school program as defined and outlined by the Head Varsity Coach. Aspects of the youth development program may be scaled to the school program as desired by the coaches. Additional support mechanisms could include academic and college prep programs such as ACT test prep and college evaluation workshops, peer tutoring, study skills development and mentoring programs. Other aspects might include initiatives that would help varsity players maximize their exposure for college recruiting purposes.

Offensive / Defensive Skills:

Recreation / In-House & Travel Youth:
  • In-House practices
  • Travel practices
  • In season skills sessions (travel kids)
  • Summer hoops
  • Summer camp
  • Market local college camps and skills on website
  • * Basketball Academy
Middle / High School Program:
  • Practices
  • Summer shootouts/team camps
  • Summer Leagues
  • Open gyms
  • *Shooting clinic
Mental Toughness / Basketball IQ:

Recreation / In-House & Travel Youth:
  • Wooden moment
  • Travel practices
  • Travel games
  • *Basketball Academy
  • *Explore partnerships with other similar youth programs
  • *Possibly explore Basketball Academy classroom sessions for travel teams in season
  • *Encourage travel teams to attend varsity practices
Middle / High School Program:
  • Film sessions
  • *Outside coach to break down film
  • *Speaker from the Military
  • *Sports psychologist speaker
  • *Team building exercises
  • *Alumni to speak to team

Conditioning / Training

Recreation / In-House & Travel Youth:
  • Practices but little or nothing offseason
  • *Introduced in Basketball Academy
Middle / High School Program:
  • Offseason training for H.S. teams but little currently for M.S. teams
  • *Sports Nutrition speaker
  • *M.S. offseason training
Academic/College Prep:

Recreation / In-House & Travel Youth:
  • *Positive reinforcement for good grades
  • *Past players in college speak to youth
Middle / High School Program:
  • H.S. guidance programs
  • * ACT test prep in H.S.
  • * College evaluation workshop
  • *Study skills classes

Character Building:

Recreation / In-House & Travel Youth:
  • Wooden Moment
  • *Basketball Academy
Middle / High School Program:
  • *Structured mentor program
  • *M.S. and H.S. program lead by outside people and local college coaches
  • Federal League Student Leadership program

Goal Setting / Life Plan:

Recreation / In-House & Travel Youth:
  • *Free throw shooting log for Travel teams
  • *Interview a coach newsletters that are emailed or posted to JYBA site
Middle / High School Program:
  • *Job shadowing/matching 
  • *Provide recruiting calendar to parents/players
  • *Social media awareness
  • * Junior Achievement Careers with a Purpose

Community Service:

Recreation / In-House & Travel Youth:
  • *Collect non-perishable items @ in-house games
  • *Adopt families
Middle / High School Program:
  • *Collect non-perishable items school games
  • *Community service project(s)
  • *Volunteer at shelters, food pantries, other, etc
  • *Team/grade specific community project


The JYBA will play a willing role, when appropriate, to help improve the facilities and equipment of the Jackson Basketball program. We will foster a collaborative culture with the school system and other school booster organizations (both athletic and non-athletic) where appropriate to leverage community dollars for capital initiatives.

Physical space:

Recreation / In-House & Travel Youth:
  • As needed to support overall program goals
Middle / High School Program:
  • none

Recreation / In-House & Travel Youth:
  • As needed to support overall program goals
Middle / High School Program:
  • *Bands, foam rollers, other training equipment

Recreation / In-House & Travel Youth:
  • none
Middle / High School Program:
  • * Video for varsity players to help raise recruiting profiles (HUDL)

Recreation / In-House & Travel Youth:
  • none
Middle / High School Program:
  • none


The JYBA will play a significant role in identifying and supporting coaches at the youth levels (with special emphasis in the travel program). When appropriate, the JYBA will provide guidance to coaches on a variety of topics that might include: suggested offensive/defensive philosophies, recommended travel tournaments to attend, coaches clinics, etc. In order to ensure a culture of continuous improvement, feedback loops between coaches and players are vitally important. Similarly, the JYBA will transition to a supporting role for coaches in the school program where youth coaching supports will be made available to school program coaches. In addition, where appropriate, the JYBA will consider other school program coach development initiatives (e.g. coach clinics, mentoring initiatives, staff support, etc.)

Coaching Cinics:
Recreation / In-House & Travel Youth: 
  • Coach training clinic
  • *Specific Travel coach clinic
Middle / High School Program:
  • Fall clinics
  • *M.S. coaches attend clinics
Professional Development:

Recreation / In-House & Travel Youth: 
  • *Overview meeting of travel coaching mtg that includes a question and answer session
  • *Overview in house coaches
Middle / High School Program:
  • *Mentor program for helping younger coaches deal with non-basketball related issues 
Staff Support:
Recreation / In-House & Travel Youth: 
  • Academy classroom sessions in season for travel teams/coaches
Middle / High School Program:
  • *Stipends for M.S. Assistant Coaches
Recreation / In-House & Travel Youth: 
  • *Suggested tournament list for travel coaches for competitive and mutual partnership purposes
  • *Travel cycle document to ALL travel parents to help coach with expectations and emphasize parent's role in their son's development
Middle / High School Program:
  • *Hospitality room for coaches and their families
  • *Coaches questionnaire to get structured feedback

Revamped Website:

Update website for better communication and more transactional capabilities including:
  1. More online payment options (player packages, holiday hoopla, PBC registrations, golf outing, etc.)
  2. More defined database capabilities for targeted communications
  3. Easier navigation
  4. Better, more efficient management of in house league from draft to playoffs
  5. Possible PBC tournament management interface with online and text updates during tournament
Planned Fundraising Events and Ideas:

  1. Tip off dinner - Annual dinner, reverse raffle and auction to kick off the season.  One of the larger fundraisers of the JYBA.  Moderate level of volunteers required.
  2. PBC - Polar Bear Classic youth tournament (grades 3-6) held in mid February with typically 80+ teams participating.  Significant fundraiser that requires significant volunteer support.
  3. Golf Outing - Late summer fundraiser of approximately 120 golfers.  Medium size fundraiser with minimal volunteer support required.
  4. Holiday Hoopla - Skills contest for travel players in a fun, festival type environment.  Winners receive small prizes.  Minor fundraiser that supports the travel program.  Limited volunteer support.
  5. Program sponsors - Advertising in game day programs.  Medium sized fundraiser with limited volunteer support.
  6. Concessions - Game day sales at JV and Varsity games.  Medium sized fundraiser with significant volunteer support needed.
  7. 50/50 - Game day sales at JV and Varsity games.  Small but important fundraiser with medium volunteer support needed.  Typically manned by travel parents.
  8. Program sales - Game day sales at JV and Varsity games.  Generally breakeven from sales revenues but fundraising is generated from programs ads and not program sales.  50/50 volunteers also sell programs.
  9. Scoreboard sponsors - Ads on main gym scoreboard.  Fundraising impact is cyclical depending on expiration dates of current contracts.  Can be a large fundraiser with medium level of volunteer support.
  10. Apparel sales - Varies based on a number of factors but at times has been a large revenue producer.  Transitioning more towards a commission model versus actively managed by JYBA staff and volunteers.
  11. *Major focus going forward will be to identify 'out of the box' events/services where funds come from a wider array of sources outside of the JYBA's usual supporters (e.g. concerts, AAU tournament, etc.)  Expectation would be that the fundraising return per time spent would be large or else not worth the effort.  Still developing.
Brief description of key new initiatives:
  1. ACT Test Prep - Eight hours of ACT test taking strategies spread over four weekends for primarily juniors and seniors to help prepare them for this important college entrance exam.  Support could expand to subject specific tutoring in an individual or small group setting with players of similar abilities.
  2. College Evaluation Workshop - An evening session for high school students and parents to provide them with tools and thought process to use when planning, evaluating and funding their child's college education.  Detailed Power Point presentation will be distributed for reference.
  3. Study Skills Program - A structured workshop with significant follow up most likely beginning at the 8th grade level.  Intent is to provide players with multiple strategies that will help them learn more efficiently and effectively.  Aspects of the program could include: Cornell note taking, highlighting tips, test preparation tips, time management skills, annotating text, etc.
  4. Jackson Basketball Academy - An intense, invitation only, summer basketball camp for JYBA Travel players.  The intent of the academy is to accelerate not only physical skill improvement but also mental toughness and basketball IQ (through intense physical training and classroom sessions, respectively).  Concepts used in the high school program will also be introduced and discussed during the academy.
  5. Job Shadowing/JA Careers with a Purpose - Opportunities for high school players to gain firsthand knowledge of specific careers and the related careers they may wish to pursue based upon their interests.  A hands on extension of what might be discussed via the Guidance office.  Would leverage extensive community contacts from the JYBA program.
  6. Engagement of Alumni - Another strategic intent of many of the new initiatives is, where appropriate, to actively engage alumni players to share stories, participate in delivering the content (e.g. skills training), give advice and provide feedback to existing players (at all levels).  We believe doing so allows the past players to stay engaged with the program and we also believe that their stories and guidance will be more credible to current players and builds depth to the overall organization and culture.
  7. Strategic Coach Support - As a booster organization, we believe it is important to support the professional development of coaches at all levels and particularly at the program level (7th grade and above).  We currently provide such support and are poised to expand such support as needs and opportunities arise.
  8. Community Service Initiatives - We recognize that, on a relative basis, our families and players are blessed with opportunities that some others may not have afforded to them.  We want to provide first hand opportunities for players to give back, in meaningful ways, to those less fortunate so they can grow as caring individuals and also better appreciate what they currently have as well as appreciate the sacrifices many parents make to allow their sons to participate in the Jackson Basketball Program.