Travel League Details
To read more in-depth details behind our travel team process, please read our Travel League Philosophy document.

Please explore each section listed below to gain a full understanding of what the JYBA Travel Basketball Teams entail with regards to expectations, commitment, and general philosophy.

Travel Tournament Submission Form (for travel coaches to get tournaments paid for by JYBA)

Any additional comments can be directed to the JYBA Travel Team Committe:

Travel Team Rosters / Schedule Details:

6th Grade Travel  |  5th Grade Travel  |  4th Grade Travel  |  3rd Grade Travel


More Details: 

  1. Each player must be a member in good standing of the JYBA;
  2. Each player must live within the Jackson Local School District or the geographic limits of Jackson Township;
  3. Basketball skills;
  4. Conditioning; Athleticism; Willingness to commit;
  5. Coachability;
  6. Academic eligibility as defined by the Jackson Local School District;
  7. Attitude; Work ethic; Sportsmanship: players will be held to the highest standards of conduct on and off the floor.
What is the Travel Program?
  • Open gym time set up for players interested in trying out for a travel team
  • Prospective coaches are interviewed and program expectations are conveyed
  • Players are evaluated and selected by an independent panel of coaches from various school districts other than Jackson schools
  • Coaches select players with the idea of having fair and balanced teams.
  • Selected travel coaches are required to attend the coach’s clinic as well as attend the HS practices for help in implementing drills as well as learn the offense and terminology used at the middle school level up through to the HS level.
  • Teams will have one practice during the week (1.5-2 hours). This is in addition to the players JYBA In-House practice.  Once In-House season is over, travel teams will practice 2 times per week as tournaments will be starting at this time.
  • All travel teams will play in a weekend travel league, usually on Sunday. The venue is at the Babe Stern Center in Canton.  League runs until end of January. This is in addition to the player’s JYBA In-house game.
  • 3-6th grade will play in 5 tournaments, but individual teams may decide to play in more
  • Uniforms: Each player will receive a reversible game jersey and game shorts. These are the player's to keep at the end of the season.
  • All JYBA travel teams will play at halftime during at least one of the Polar Bear Varsity and JV games.
What is the Family Commitment and Cost?
  • Each travel team will work at least one home game and sell 50/50 tickets and programs.
  • Volunteer time with our major fundraiser, The Polar Bear Classic Youth Basketball Tournament (4-6 hours/family)
  • Cost: $225.00 for 3rd-6th grade teams
  1. Commitment — attendance at practices and games is mandatory.  If you must miss a practice or game, please let the coach know well in advance.
  2. Coachability — willingness to listen, accept criticism, and adapt.
  3. Work ethic — practices will be challenging.  Playing time is earned in practice.
  4. Academic achievement — high academic performance levels are a MUST.  Players must regularly report on their grades to their coaches.  Failure to meet certain levels of academic achievement will result in dismissal from the team.
  5. Sportsmanship — players will be held to the highest standards of conduct on and off the floor.  You are representing your community.  Do so with pride!
  6. Attitude — a positive attitude is a must.  Support your teammates at all times.  We are not separate teams, we are one family.  ONE HEARTBEAT!
  7. Conditioning — our style of play will be to push the tempo at all times.  Players will be expected to be in shape.
  8. Focus — during games and practices your focus should be on the floor or on the coach, not in the stands.
  1. Commitment — see above.  Please try to work together on rides to practices, games, and tournaments.  Communicate any issues to the coaches and we will assist in any way we can.
  2. Sportsmanship — see above.  You are also representing our community.  Be supportive of our players.  Do not demean opposing teams.  Be respectful to officials — it is the coaches’ job to deal with officials.
  3. Support — for your son, the teams, the coaches, our community, our goals.  We play TEAM basketball where no one player is more important than the team.
  4. Timeliness — please have your sons at games and practices on time and picked up on time.  Practices are run on a strict schedule and there is no grace period at games.
  5. Participation in fundraising — Travel team parents are expected to participate in certain fundraisers, e.g. run concession stand at varsity games, sell 50-50 tickets, donate 4-6 hours of  time to helping to run the Polar Bear Classic tournament in early February.
  6. Communication — if any problem or situation arises during the season, please bring it to the coaches’ attention as soon as possible.  The coaches are here to assist you in any way we can.
The JYBA Travel Program (3rd - 6th grades) is dependent on three stakeholders to work together and continue to encourage the development of our young basketball players:
  1. JYBA Entity
  2. Parents (all - coaches and non-coaching parents)
  3. Players
All three stakeholders need to work together and be accountable for each player's success and development. 

In order to develop, players need to continuously step outside of their comfort zones.  To a young person, this may 'feel' uncomfortable and 'not fun' but it is absolutely necessary in order to get better (in anything).  For example, a young player may hate drills that require working with their off hand.  However, with hard work and repetition, they may become as proficient with their off hand as they are with their dominant hand - and in doing so, become a much better basketball player.  This skill training is 
vitally important in the offseason as travel coaches will not have sufficient time to devote to these drills during the travel season.  Kids that diligently work on weaknesses in the offseason are better prepared to compete in the upcoming season.  The reverse is also true.

Travel coaches generally will play to win games.  However, an underlying goal is also to develop all the players on the team and that requires playing time (particularly in the travel league games like at the Babe Stern Center in Canton).  Playing time is not guaranteed in tournament play.  Each player must work hard to earn it.  The parents will have a wonderful opportunity to teach their children life lessons during the travel season, don't miss those opportunities.  Hard workers, team players and assignment sound players will stand out in a positive way.  Help your child to become one of them.


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